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    To Athora, compliance means observing internal and external rules and standards. The compliance department monitors risks associated with them as well as the management of these risks. Corporate responsibility and sound corporate governance are possible thanks in part to the compliance department.

    Ethical Considerations

    At Athora, following responsible business practices and acting in an ethically responsible manner are crucial aspects of corporate responsibility. Our aim in this area is to enable employees and management to take ethical aspects into consideration within the parameters of social and financial targets.

    Integrity Policy

    Our customers, employees, interest groups and investors expect us to pursue an active policy in the area of integrity. We want to create value for these stakeholders, and this requires that we work and communicate in professional, customer-oriented, ethical and socially responsible manner.

    Integrity Pillars

    Athora has identified pillars with respect to integrity, which are:

    • organisation
    • employees
    • products and services
    • customers
    • partnerships

    Where relevant, integrity-related policy and other guidelines, regulations, frameworks of standards and procedures have been established for each pillar. All of Athora's employees work in accordance with these frameworks and can use them to assess their own decisions and responsibilities. Policymakers and supervisory directors at Athora and our brands are required by law to submit a moral and ethical statement. This Oath/Promise Financial sector serves as a guide for acting ethically and with due care. By taking an oath, policymakers and supervisory directors declare that they will fulfil their duties expertly and with due care and integrity, while complying with all applicable laws, rules, regulations and codes of conduct.

    Common Sense

    Integrity cannot always be guaranteed through rules and procedures. New dilemmas will always continue to rise in this context. By engaging in dialogues on ethical dilemmas, Athora hopes to ensure this topic remains high on the agenda. Employees need to be guided by common sense in their day-to-day activities.

    Training and Awareness Plan

    In addition to devoting attention to compliance and rules and regulations, Athora also pays attention to ethical issues arising at the business units. A training and awareness plan is prepared to enable discussion of specific ethical issues and standards that have arisen at our business units. A code of conduct is also in effect at Athora.

    Non-Financial Risk

    The Non-Financial Risk department provides the statutory board of Athora Netherlands, the Insurer's Risk Committee, various non-financial risk committees and the managing boards of the business units with advice on the management of non-financial risks, such as operational and integrity risks. Non-financial risks are managed by means of regular risk assessments that determine the structure for supervision and risk reporting.