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    Your Career

    Can you quickly assess opportunities in a rapidly and constantly changing insurance market? Do you want to take on the challenges that Athora is facing? Do you want to work on your personal development and help overcome these challenges? At Athora you are in charge of your own career. Our role is to do everything we can to help you along the way.

    We are looking for various specialists with different backgrounds, talents and ambitions. The colleagues we seek are people who want to add value and genuinely aim to contribute to our mission of promoting financial self-reliance.

    Customer Contact

    At our brands, maintaining contact with our customers is the responsibility of a number of departments. The customer always comes first. The number of ways of communicating with customers continues to grow. The channels we use for this purpose include the Internet, telephone, direct customer contact and independent advisers. Given this, we have a number of customer service teams.

    Behind the Scenes

    We are continuing to work on improving our services to customers, for instance by standardising and automating processes. To achieve our aims, we also require good employees who understand what is required behind the scenes in order for us to be of service to the customer.

    Other Specialist Areas

    Other specialist areas in which employees work include IT & Change and Finance & Risk. In addition, some employees have a more specialist role that supports the activities of Athora and the brands. These include marketeers, communication experts, product developers, lawyers, tax specialists, compliance officers, HR officers and specialists working in facility services.

    Personal Growth Programmes

    We have special programmes in which you learn all about your own competencies, both professional and personal.


    Are you currently still a student? Then why not go for a work placement at Athora or one of our brands. We try to create as many interesting work placements as possible at all our brands and in all specialist areas. If you are ambitious, have new ideas and are willing to take on a challenge, we would like to meet you.


    Are you just starting out in your career? You can come to work for us in a junior position, or perhaps one of our future traineeships would suit you. We would be happy to meet you to discuss the positions that would suit you best. We will give you plenty of room for personal development, and you will be able to choose between all kinds of brands and specialist areas. This is an ideal way to find out where your talents lie.


    If you want to continue to work on your development, follow courses and be able to progress within the organisation, then Athora is the right place for you. We believe that personal growth is extremely important. If you can do what you enjoy and what you excel at, you will be motivated, have energy and enjoy your work, and this produces benefits for us and your immediate colleagues. It is for these reasons that Athora is keen to support your development.