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    About Athora Netherlands

    Everyone wants to have a good and stable pension. By focusing on pensions, Athora Netherlands offers the best return and the best service. Working with the most experienced sustainable investment specialists in the world, we guarantee optimal returns for our clients, our shareholders and for society as a whole.

    In these challenging times, it is difficult to predict what the future will bring. A carefree future with financial security for everyone has become less and less a matter of course. Yet we all want the future to be a safe haven, a time when we can do the things we want to do, in a world worth living in.

    First and foremost, we must treat our planet with care, so that we maintain a habitable world—not only for our own generation, but also for our children and their children. In addition, it is important to arrange our financial security on time. That too is a joint responsibility, where government, entrepreneurs, employers and employees each have their role. But it is also a matter for individuals.

    Think about later now

    When you are young, it is essential to think about your future and start building your financial security in time, even if it seems so far away. If you belong to the older generations, it is just as important to make wise decisions with your accrued pension or your saved annuities.

    Of course you don't have to make those choices alone. There are many providers that people can turn to. But the rinse is getting thinner. Due to consolidation in the market, many insurers are growing into mega companies that divide their attention over different types of insurance, in the field of non-life, healthcare and income.

    Athora takes a different approach

    Athora Netherlands consciously chooses to do things differently. We focus purely on income for later and look for growth opportunities within that segment. Because we think that through specialisation we can offer the best return and the best service for our customers. As a specialist in pensions and sustainable investment, we can get the best possible return from every euro that our clients entrust to us.

    Even though Athora is a young brand, at Athora Netherlands we have a history of over a hundred years as a pension and life insurer. We understand that customers should always be able to count on us. Not just today, but also tomorrow, in ten, twenty or forty years from now. That is why we want to excel in our services and, by focusing on one segment of the broad insurance market, bring new products and services to the market that make a difference.