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    The key word of Athora Netherlands’ strategy is ‘focus’. Athora Netherlands aims to become the leading pension provider in the Dutch market. We will build on our 120 years of experience and knowledge of the Dutch market.

    Through our strong consumer brand, Zwitserleven, we will continue to offer attractive products and services to customers that meet their differing needs. For our existing Reaal customers, we will continue to provide them with optimal services and returns. This is now supplemented by the capital backing and (international) experience from the Athora Group and access to the world’s best investment experts.

    Focus on pensions

    The result is that Athora Netherlands is a fully focused pension provider, supported by a dedicated service organisation combined with strong investment capabilities. This focus makes us unique in the market and allows us to direct our resources and investments into a single area. In fact, it is because of this that we can state with confidence that our ambition is to become the #1 pension provider in the Netherlands offering the best value for money. Where value is not only a financial, but also a social return.

    Social Responsibility

    We will safeguard and further enhance our social responsible investing credentials, and continue to embed sustainable insurance and corporate social responsibility in the organisation. It is evident that sustainability can be a strong asset and value contributor for all our stakeholders: customers, employees, regulators, shareholders and business partners.