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    Athora Netherlands is a pension and life insurance company focused on the Dutch market. We build on 120 years of knowledge and experience.With our strong consumer brands Zwitserleven and Reaal, we offer our customers attractive products and services to provide a good income for later.

    Complemented by the investment expertise and capital support of Athora Group, we aim to become a leading player in the pension and life market in the coming years. How we want to achieve this goal is described in our strategy, which we have named Ambition 2025.

    Better Investment Returns

    We are part of a European insurer, supported by a financially powerful shareholder and working with the best specialists who understand investment and assets. Together, we can improve our investment returns. By investing smarter, we expect a significant increase in our investment income in the coming years. With our strong solvency and more efficient use of our capital, we can invest more with a more favorable risk-return ratio over time. 

    Growth of the Business

    In the new pension system, accrued returns are no longer guaranteed. Our customers will increasingly have to make individual choices, both for the phase in which they accumulate assets and for the phase after retirement when they receive their monthly payout. As a pension provider, we already have a good market share in the accumulation phase. Our goal is to maintain that share. But it is precisely in the payout phase that we want to experience strong growth by developing good and clear products for our customers.

    If we see opportunities to accelerate that growth through acquisitions of pension funds, for example, we know we have the backing of a wealthy shareholder to finance those acquisitions.

    More Efficient Operations

    While our competitors divide their attention over various products in different markets, we choose one segment, one focus: growth in pensions in the Dutch market. In which we also continue to serve our life product customers well. This clear focus enables us to structure our organization more easily, with fewer management layers and more agility to respond to market opportunities. Here cooperation across departments is crucial.  

    We also choose to cooperate with strategic partners if they can execute matters better or more efficiently than we can ourselves. In this way, we ensure continuity and keep costs under control by scaling up or down as needed. We have access to in-depth knowledge and can offer our products at low cost to our customers, leaving them with more income for later.

    Social Responsibility

    We will safeguard and further strengthen our socially responsible investment responsibility. In addition, we will continue to embed sustainable investment and corporate social responsibility in the organization. It is clear that sustainability is an important added value for all our stakeholders: customers, employees, regulators, shareholders and business partners.

    A partner for Life

    In our work, we also like to do things just a little differently, more simply, better and, above all, responsibly, with greater care for our customers and the world around us. We are a "partner for life taking care of your tomorrow".