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    There is nothing more reassuring than the carefree feeling that your pension is well organised. Our strong brand Zwitserleven has a strong focus on pensions. That makes Zwitserleven the pension specialist.

    By focusing on pensions, we can link an optimal return to sustainability. So that we can have even more impact on the future of our customers. And that of the world.


    The Zwitserleven Feeling is inextricably linked to a beautiful world. We all want to have enough income to live on later, but in a world that is worthwhile. Zwitserleven believes that the financial sector should play a leading role in this.

    Zwitserleven palmboom

    The Zwitserleven Feeling

    The slogan 'Het Zwitserleven Gevoel' (The Zwitserleven Feeling) was conceived in 1983 and is still a household name in the Netherlands. It has become such a recognisable statement that it was included in the Van Dale Great dictionary in 2005.