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    Athora Netherlands is proud to have been awarded the most sustainable insurance company in the Netherlands by VBDO

    The choices we make today determine the world of tomorrow

    As an insurer, Athora plays an important role in the lives of our customers. We take care of their future income provisions. We make important choices every day. Because the choices we make now have far-reaching influence on the world of tomorrow. In fact, with the assets we manage on behalf of our clients, we can and want to exercise our influence on that world. In the interests of our customers and those of their children, in the interests of our neighbours, of ourselves and of all those others we do not know.

    Corporate Social Responsibility

    The urgent social developments, such as climate change, deforestation, water scarcity and the fair distribution of labour, impose increasing demands on companies. Athora Netherlands wants to actively contribute to solutions for these societal challenges.

    Climate Plan

    Climate change poses a major threat to our planet and all the people and animals that live on it. Athora Netherlands strives to stop climate change. How we intend to achieve that goal, we have summarized in a climate plan. Here we describe how we are helping to reduce greenhouse gas emissions to net zero.

    Diversity and Inclusion

    As part of an international parent company, we attach great value to diversity and inclusion. We strive for a culture of equality where our employees feel comfortable expressing thoughts, reaching shared insights and developing innovative solutions. At Athora Netherlands, we strive for an open culture where everyone can feel safe, no matter where or when you were born, in what or who you believe in, or who you love.

    Sustainable Investing

    We want to encourage companies and countries to prepare themselves for new challenges that we face together. Athora Netherlands tries to pave the way for a sustainable society, while generating long-term financial returns for our customers.

    Samen voor Later Foundation

    With the Samen voor Later Foundation we aim to use the knowledge and expertise of the colleagues of Athora Netherlands to help vulnerable groups. By doing volunteer work we take our social responsibility.
    Curious about the projects of the foundation? Take a look at our website.