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    ‘Every situation requires a new way of thinking’ 

    7 December 2023 | 10:00

    Since 2022, Jasper van den Bosch has been part of the Buy-Out & Corporate Development team. Due to changed legislation, an increasing number of small pension funds are expected to want to transfer their pension liabilities to Zwitserleven. If such a fund applies for a possible buy-out, Jasper steps in.

    Jasper van den Bosch
    Jasper van den Bosch (30) is Transaction Manager Buy-Outs for the Zwitserleven brand.

    The Future Pensions Act (Wtp) was approved by the Senate at the end of May 2023 and is expected to come into force in 2027. Jasper expects requests for buyouts to increase in the coming period as a result. "It is a growth market. Many pension funds were waiting for the outcome of the Wtp. Now they know where they stand,’ Jasper says. "When a request for a buyout comes to us, I deal with, for instance, calculating the right price and the details of the portfolio. Where are the risks in this portfolio and how can we avoid them? What price should we pass on? Every situation is different and requires a new way of thinking."

    Entire process of a buyout

    Jasper's work at Athora covers the entire process of a buyout: analysing the portfolio, coming up with new solutions, proposing the deal, negotiating and finally closing the deal. For him, the mix of going through all these steps is what makes the work so interesting. He finds the new way of thinking an important element in this. "Coming up with new solutions every time challenges me, on the creative front. This combined with the technical thinking, quick sense-checks and some modelling is something I really enjoy doing to arrive at a solution. Then I dive deep into the details and hope to find a nuance I hadn't thought about before."

    There is no deal until the whole process has been completed and we have found a solution that is desirable for a pension fund. This is the end point and something for both parties to celebrate.

    Final point

    As a second important element, Jasper mentions the final deal of the buyout. "There is no deal until the whole process has been completed and we have found a solution that is desirable for a pension fund. This is the end point and something for both parties to celebrate." Currently, Jasper's team is working on several buyout proposals. They first discuss these proposals with all relevant stakeholders within Athora. Then it will be submitted to the pension fund or adviser and hopefully come to a deal.

    Smooth cooperation

    Looking at Athora as an organisation, Jasper cites cooperation as a key value. "Within the club of people with whom I work directly, things run incredibly smoothly. Even at my start I was able to integrate well into my team right away. And for my workplace, everything was arranged top-notch so that I could start working immediately." In other departments, Jasper also experiences a lot of helpfulness and the will to put their shoulders to the wheel together. "I find that really characteristic of Athora and very pleasant to work with. Since the move to our new premises in Amsterdam, cooperation has become even better, because I now talk to people from other departments live more often than I did in the premises in Amstelveen. The open atmosphere of our new office makes it easier to bump into each other."

    In five years' time, Jasper thinks he can look back, perhaps with a slightly larger beard, on a successful period with satisfaction. The WTP will have come into force by then and buy-outs will be on the decline again. "Within the field of Athora, I still see very many interesting opportunities. But for now, I am completely in place here."

    Culture ambassador 

    In addition to his work as Transaction Manager, Jasper recently became a culture ambassador at Athora. With a group of enthusiastic and driven colleagues from various departments, he is committed to making Athora's four culture values (Dare to be different, Seek simplicity, Care, Do the right thing) concrete. Cultural values create more unity. When all noses are in the same direction, it makes an organisation healthy and agile faster. And this contributes to a pleasant and safe working environment for all Athora employees.

    Grab that opportunity

    For potential new employees, Jasper has another message. "Within our organisation, there is a lot of will and room to develop yourself. Athora is growing and invites you to actively participate in new solutions. Take that chance! It requires a lot of creativity and produces a lot of fun situations."