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    'At Athora I have the freedom to organise my work in the way that suits me best'

    28 June 2022 | 10:00

    For Jane Maduro (37), working at Athora means freedom, personal development and making a meaningful contribution to a good life for later. For our customers and also for herself.

    Jane Maduro
    As Internal Account Manager, Jane is the first point of contact for advisers and employers to solve their pension issues.

    Jane's career at Zwitserleven, one of Athora's labels, started in 2017. In an earlier traineeship she had the opportunity to work for short periods in various fields in the pension world. At Zwitserleven, Jane was given the opportunity to bundle all this knowledge in the position of Internal Account Manager. Jane is now the first point of contact for a advisers and employers to solve their pension issues. “My clients know who I am, I know exactly what is going on with them. I answer many questions myself. If I can't figure it out, I'll find out. We have an open working atmosphere within Athora, so I can easily drop in on one of my colleagues to spar. This is how I run my own company in the larger whole, as it were.”

    Personal Touch

    Jane's work is very diverse and requires flexibility to move with the issues of the day. No day is the same. “At Athora we work according to the PASS principle, which encourages hybrid and smarter working. You decide for yourself for which activities it is convenient to come to the office, or whether you prefer to work from home. It gives me the freedom to organise my work in the way that suits me best and, above all, to give my personal touch to it. I learned the latter at Athora: doing your job with passion by giving it your own swing.”

    I am a woman with a mission, an enthusiastic person with a large dose of perseverance. I want to make a difference in a positive way, see opportunities and use these opportunities. That's what defines me as a person.

    Jane is also a member of the Diversity Committee at Athora. Prior to that, she served as president of Athora Young! This is a network club for Athora employees up to 35 years old. “In the Diversity Committee I mainly focus on 'women power' within the insurance industry. I think that is an important theme. As president of Young! I organised a number of activities, including a study trip to Athora Dublin. We also visited the headquarters of Google and Facebook. That was very inspiring.”


    In addition to a good life for later, sustainability is another important social theme that appeals to Jane in Athora. “It's not just a concept,” Jane explains. “Athora has concretely translated the theme of sustainability into its own business operations. You see it in various degrees: green investments, in our corporate culture and the new accommodation. We recently moved to one of the most sustainable office buildings in Amsterdam.”

    Sharing Pension Knowledge

    In her private life, Jane also knows how to use her pension knowledge. Of course for her own situation, but also to share with her family and friends. “Although everyone has to deal with retirement, few people know how it works. I really enjoy explaining this to my own circle of friends and acquaintances in an accessible way.”

    Advice for future colleagues

    What Jane would like to pass on to her future colleagues is to take initiative and to not wait. “Claim your space and pick up the gauntlet,” Jane enthuses. “Athora gives you the responsibility in the way you want it. You will receive all the help you need to grow and develop new knowledge and skills. For example, a personal growth budget is available for every employee for training and courses. We also have a Summer School every year with many interesting workshops. So make sure you don't stand still, develop yourself and see how you can take yourself to a higher level.”

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