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    What We Offer

    At Athora you get attractive employment conditions; a good salary, a nice number of holidays and a 13th month. But there is more to look forward to.

    Employee Benefits

    If you join Athora or one of our brands, you will have:

    • An excellent work-life balance (Hybrid working according to our own PASS concept)
    • Plenty of scope for training and following courses (personal development)
    • The opportunity to participate in special development programmes for new employees and professionals
    • Flexible work times
    • A focus on vitality
    • A pleasant, collegial work atmosphere
    • A good salary and a 13th month

    Flexible working

    Work and home are increasingly intertwined. Sometimes we need time to take children to school. We want to go to the office after the traffic jams. Or stay at home, to work undisturbed and save the environment. If your job allows it, you can decide where and when you work. And at the office, choose the workplace that suits your activity. We call our self-developed hybrid work concept PASS.

    Your Responsibility

    Together with your manager, you decide where and how you work. This is your responsibility. This means you need to be able to plan and organise your work, provide clear information and communicate. We assess whether you are delivering the agreed results and ensure that you comply with the requirements governing safe, responsible practices at work. Our way of working and collaborating is characterised by efficiency, productivity and a choice of options.

    Athora’s role within Society

    Athora operates at the heart of society. We are fully aware of our position and we act accordingly. We listen to what our employees want and we do our best to respond to their needs and requirements. In addition, our recruitment policy takes account of the fact that our workforce needs to accurately represent a cross-section of society.