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    Sustainable Investing

    Athora Netherlands sees it as a moral duty to support the transition to a sustainable society. We invest the assets of our customers and policyholders in companies and countries that operate within the zone of the Sustainability Framework.

    In this way we want to encourage companies and countries to prepare themselves for new challenges that we face together. Athora Netherlands tries to pave the way for a sustainable society, while generating long-term financial returns for our customers and for the assets that we manage ourselves. We deliver sustainable investment solutions to our clients with the objective to optimise longer-term financial, environmental and social returns. Athora Netherlands has approximately 92% invested with asset managers – including our strategic partner ACTIAM – and approximately 8% is invested in real estate and mortgages.

    A Pragmatic Sustainable Vision

    We have a pragmatic sustainable approach to all the companies and countries in which we invest. For our own assets management, this plays an important role in the risk management of our investments, in stimulating behavioural and in contributing towards achieving the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) that Athora Netherlands has committed to.

    The basis of our policy is that companies and countries have to comply with our investment principles, called our Fundamental Investment Principles. These define the bottom-line of our investments. Companies and countries not complying with these principles can’t be a part of our investment portfolio.

    We are aiming to assess the adaptive capacity of companies when it comes to preparing themselves for the transition to a sustainable society. In cooperation with asset manager ACTIAM, Athora Netherlands uses a broad range of data sources to gain insight into the companies’ behaviour. A partnership agreement ensures that ACTIAM conducts sustainability work and research for Athora Netherlands. 

    Athora Netherlands endorses international agreements and principles, including the United Nations Global Compact, the OECD and the United Nations Principles for Responsible Investments (UN PRI), on which the Fundamental Investment Principles are based.

    Athora Netherlands requires its main asset managers (including ACTIAM) to be signatory to the UN PRI.

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