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    Samen voor Later Foundation

    Social responsibility for and by colleagues of Athora Netherlands

    As a pension and life insurance company, Athora Netherlands has the task of providing people with a good income for later. But a good income - now or later - is unfortunately not a given for everyone in the Netherlands. While financial independence and control over your life are important conditions for a happy life.

    Through the Samen voor Later Foundation (Together for Later) we use the knowledge and skills of our employees to help vulnerable groups who could use a helping hand. By doing this we take our social responsibility.

    Our mission

    Samen voor Later is a foundation for and by colleagues of Athora Netherlands. Through the foundation we want to use the knowledge and manpower we have as an organization to support social goals. Especially in our own areas of expertise such as finance, digitalization and sustainability.

    Financial education

    Financial education is the most important pillar of the foundation. This is where the expertise of the employees of Athora lies primarily. We are happy to use this knowledge to help others. In this way we stimulate financial independence and help people take control of their finances. In addition, we dedicate ourselves to vulnerable groups. That help can take many forms. By simply rolling up your sleeves, you can mean a lot to others.

    Maximum impact

    The foundation wants to involve as many of Athora's colleagues as possible in social activities. That is why we also have projects on other themes, such as the environment or loneliness. In order to make a maximum impact. In this way we make the world around us a little more beautiful and give something back to society.


    Samen voor Later Foundation

    With the Samen voor Later Foundation we aim to use the knowledge and expertise of the colleagues of Athora Netherlands to help vulnerable groups. By doing volunteer work we take our social responsibility.
    Curious about the projects of the foundation? Take a look at our website.