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    Remuneration Policy

    The primary objective of Athora Netherlands’ remuneration policy is to enable us to recruit, retain and motivate employees and to stimulate high performance. The policy aligns with and strengthens Athora Netherlands’ strategy and core values. It is prudent, moderate and sustainable and meets the requirements of Athora Netherlands’ risk policy and applicable legislation and regulations.


    Athora Netherlands’ Remuneration Policy is based on the following principles:

    • It supports Athora Netherlands’ corporate strategy, and is aligned with the mission, vision and values of Athora Netherlands;
    • It is compliant with the applicable legal rules and regulations;
    • It may not threaten Athora Netherlands’ ability to maintain an adequate capital base;
    • It takes into account the interests of all stakeholders of Athora Netherlands: customers, employees, shareholders and society;
    • It is transparent, easy to understand and simple to execute;
    • It is aligned with Athora Netherlands’ ambition to be a social responsible and number one pension provider in the Netherlands;
    • It fits the risk profile of Athora Netherlands and of the relevant employee;
    • It supports the attraction and retention of qualified employees that fit the job;
    • It supports effective governance of remuneration and supervision thereof, and, where relevant, contains measures to prevent a conflict of interest;
    • It encourages high team- and company performance; and
    • It is gender and age neutral. Jobs are weighted regardless of gender at Athora Netherlands. Men and women with comparable work experience, achievements and job level are given equal pay.


    Below you can download the complete text of our Remuneration Policy.