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    Edwin van den Oever appointed as new CEO of Zwitserleven PPI

    28 May 2024 | 13:00

    Edwin van den Oever takes over from Arjen van Zanten

    Zwitserleven PPI N.V., the premium pension institution of Athora Netherlands, will have a new management as of June 1, 2024. Edwin van den Oever will become the new CEO of Zwitserleven PPI, succeeding Arjen van Zanten, who will take on a new role within Zwitserleven. Edwin, together with Ed van Santen, the current COO, will form the new management of Zwitserleven PPI.

    Focus on customer-oriented approach and personal touch

    Edwin van den Oever is no stranger to the pension sector and has a wealth of experience. Previously, he was the managing director of the Dutch PPI of Willis Towers Watson (WTW), which was acquired by Athora Netherlands in 2022. He also worked at Nationale Nederlanden. Edwin: "My focus has always been on the commercial side: customers, product management, and growth. At Zwitserleven PPI, I will continue to focus on this. I am convinced that Ed and I can make a valuable contribution to the pension market with our experience and expertise through our customer-oriented approach and personal touch." 

    Arjen van Zanten will play a crucial role as the intended Lead Sales in retaining and acquiring customers. In this new role, he will remain closely involved with the PPI. He will also continue to be involved in the buy-outs for pension funds, an important part of the growth strategy. After 12 years, Arjen is looking forward to doing something new. He sees his intended new role as a great opportunity to continue to use his experience and knowledge for the benefit of Zwitserleven's customers. 

    Continuation of Zwitserleven PPI's successful course 

    Annemieke Visser-Brons, CCO of Athora Netherlands: "I am pleased that we have the right people in-house to fill these new roles. With these familiar faces in the market, we continue our growth strategy and the successful course of Zwitserleven PPI, where customer satisfaction is paramount. With our flexible pension products, we respond to the changing wishes and needs of employers and their employees. This way, we remain a leading player in the pension market."

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