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    'Understanding, appreciation and you as the number one'

    17 July 2023 | 10:00

    Rajae is part of the Corporate Secretary team. This team, consisting of two people, shows the organisation the way in its internal procedures and knows exactly who has which duties and powers. Together with her close colleague, Rajae advises the CEO and of the Chairman of the Supervisory Board on corporate governance. This lays down all the rules, procedures and processes to run and control a company.

    Rajae (40) is Deputy Corporate Secretary at the Board of Directors of Athora Netherlands

    "We monitor all internal procedures and prepare the necessary documents. Corporate Secretary is an enquirer in the field of corporate governance. We process a lot of information from various departments within Athora: from Legal to the board, and submit data to various government bodies, such as De Nederlandsche Bank," Rajae says. Or vice versa, when requests for certain information come in, we retrieve this data within the organisation. It is very versatile work, where I deal with all kinds of people."


    Right from her start at Athora, Rajae has felt at home. "The very best aspect of my job starts with the fine collaboration with my immediate colleague," Rajae continues her story. "We are well matched and on a personal level we also click. In addition, the working atmosphere within Athora is very pleasant. It is a you-you culture where everyone is equal. Even in the cooperation with Jan de Pooter, our CEO, for instance, this is noticeable. In dealing and while working together, there is an equal and open line. Here, people are genuinely interested in each other, including from the board. It seems, and I mean this in a positive sense, as if I have been working at Athora for years."

    The working atmosphere within Athora is very pleasant.
    It is a you-culture where everyone is equal.

    At Athora, you have a lot of freedom to shape your work in your own way. Of course, there is a framework and expectations that come with the job, but within that, you have a lot of room to manoeuvre. Rajae: "What I also noticed when I just started is that my opinions and ideas really matter. And not just when I give my opinion myself, people ask for it. To me, that is an important sign that you are valued."

    Understanding personal circumstances

    That this appreciation extends beyond the work plane, Rajae recently experienced. She left for a few months for Morocco, where her family roots lie. In good agreement with Athora, Rajae had the opportunity to work from Morocco for a longer period. "At Athora, you are number one as a human being. There was a lot of understanding for my personal family circumstances and they thought of a solution to support me. I am incredibly grateful for that."

    Personal development is encouraged at Athora. For example, there are good fringe benefits, such as a study budget. This budget does not only apply to the offer from Athora's training portal. If you just have another study or course in mind, that is also possible. "For example, I had a great desire to complete part of a study I had once started but had to abort. When I indicated that I wanted to pick this up, there was a very positive response." 

    Human focus

    At Athora, the human factor is central, i.e. you as a person with your needs, wishes and possibilities. The starting point is that when you are comfortable in your own skin, you can do your best work. Athora is flexible and not static. So look at what is needed at the moment. "This flexibility makes me want to take that extra step and try harder. At Athora, you get it back more than frequently."