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    Fundamental Investment Principles

    Our socio-ethical principles, which are the bottom-line of our investments.

    The basis of our policy is that companies and countries have to comply with our socio-ethical investment principles, called our Fundamental Investment Principles. These define the bottom-line of our investments. Companies and countries not complying with these principles are considered to exhibit unacceptable behaviour.

    Principles Related to the Environment

    No Systematic Involvement in Severe Environmental Damage

    We do not wish to invest in activities that cause damage to the environment. We are very critical about pollution, loss of biodiversity and exhaustion of natural resources. Athora Netherlands excludes companies that do not comply with international environmental agreements and conventions.

    Principles Related to Humans & Humanity

    Compliance with Basic Human Rights

    Companies and countries have the social responsibility to respect human rights. Companies and countries that respect human rights – such as the right to health, education, access to energy, water and sanitation – achieve more than just a financially sound return.

    Compliance with Basic Labour Rights

    Athora Netherlands complies with international standards in this regard. This means no child labour and no forced labour but freedom of association, the right to collective bargaining and no discrimination in the workplace.

    No Involvement in Controversial Weapons

    We do not invest in the production, development, trade, or distribution of controversial weapons or anything related to this, nor in the sale of civilian weapons. Moreover, we do not invest in companies and countries providing military equipment to military regimes.

    Principles Related to Society

    Compliance with International Sanctions

    Athora Netherlands excludes companies and countries from its investment universe for which sanctions have been imposed by international organisations acting within the rule of law, such as United Nations and the European Union.

    No Systematic Involvement in Fraud, Corruption or Tax Evasion

    Corruption has many faces, for instance bribery, extortion, fraud, collusion, money laundering, tax evasion and favouritism. With Athora Netherlands, investors can rest assured that companies and countries that are structurally involved in these kinds of practices will never be included in the portfolio.

    No Significant Involvement in Products and Businesses doing harm to Human (mental) Health or Animal Welfare

    We consider products or businesses that are harmful to human (mental) health and animal welfare a violation of good product and business integrity. Athora Netherlands achieves returns without investing in the production of tobacco, pornography or in the provision of gambling and lottery games. Athora Netherlands does not invest in companies and countries that are involved in malpractice in the area of animal welfare. In addition, Athora Netherlands believes animal testing should only occur when proven it is crucial to society, such as for medical testing, when there is no alternative available or when required by law to test product safety on animals. We are not involved in the trade in protected species and plants.