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    Zwitserleven launches new brand campaign

    12 March 2024

    Zwitserleven brand campaignZwitserleven launched its new brand campaign today. With the campaign ‘It's a feeling we share’ the pension insurer is taking a new direction. The well-known Zwitserleven feeling is no longer reserved for the person retiring, it is a feeling you share with the loved ones around you.

    A Zwitserleven feeling for everyone

    The Zwitserleven feeling represents the carefree feeling that you have everything well taken care of, and that you can retire comfortably. Paul Pilon, Brand Lead at Zwitserleven: “When you talk to people and hear how they want to spend their retirement time, the image of the retired man, alone on a sandy beach, far away from here, no longer fits the current zeitgeist. Retirement ambitions are often in small things, not big dreams. Besides, nobody wants to grow old alone. That is why we are setting a new course. By showing that if you enjoy the Zwitserleven feeling, others will enjoy it with you.”

    A retirement with feeling

    With the new campaign, Zwitserleven wants to broaden and appeal to more people. But also make pensions much more emotionally understandable. Geneviève Ho Sam Sooi, Director Personal Solutions & Marketing at Zwitserleven: “With this new campaign, and new positioning, we appeal to a wider audience. We show retirement aspirations that are recognisable and closer to home. But that is not enough. Pension is a complex product, but retiring is an emotional moment. By making pensions more emotional, more understandable, we encourage our participants and future customers to get to work on their pensions.”

    New step for the Zwitserleven brand

    The new Zwitserleven feeling also marks an immediate new chapter in the story of Zwitserleven. Annemieke Visser-Brons CCO Zwitserleven: “Zwitserleven is a leading player in the pension market. And has considerable ambitions. We would like to appeal to more target groups and help them realise their pension ambitions. So that they and everyone around them can share the Zwitserleven feeling and optimally enjoy a good pension. I am proud of this new brand campaign. Sharing the feeling is exactly what matches our own ambitions. And gives direction to how we want to move forward in the coming years.”


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    The campaign starts on March 12 and will be deployed on TV, online and radio. After that, much will follow in communications, content and also in services. For questions about the campaign, interview requests and information about Zwitserleven, contact:

    Joyce van Otterdijk
    Lead Communications Zwitserleven
    +31 (0)6 5782 3076

    About Zwitserleven

    Zwitserleven is one of the leading pension insurers in the Dutch market. The brand's history goes back to 1901. The Zwitserleven sentiment is even included in The Van Dale dictionary. Zwitserleven is part of Athora Netherlands, repeatedly awarded by VBDO as the most sustainable insurer in the Netherlands.