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    Zwitserleven plants 2,000 trees

    8 December 2020

    Expired very small pensions used for planting Zwitserleven forest

    Zwitserleven has today planted its own forest with the money that has become available through the expired very small pensions. The Groene Woud in Brabant is now 2,000 more trees richer and now has its own 'Zwitserleven forest'.

    Very small pensions expire

    The rules for small and very small pensions have changed since 1 January 2019. Very small pensions are pension amounts of a maximum of € 2 gross per year. Very small pensions have been cancelled. This means that pension providers no longer have to pay these pension amounts. Zwitserleven has chosen to use the € 15,000 that has become available for planting trees.

    More beautiful world

    Hans Visser, general manager Pensions at Zwitserleven: “Individually, the cancellation of small pensions involves very small amounts, but when added together this is still a considerable amount. We have looked for a way to spend this money as effectively as possible, taking into account our sustainable investment policy. That's how we ended up with Trees for All. Together with this foundation, we have today planted 2,000 trees in Het Groene Woud. Het Groene Woud is a beautiful nature reserve in the heart of North Brabant where you can experience the Zwitserleven Feeling yourself. With this forest we want to contribute to a better, more beautiful world. For now and later. ”

    The "Zwitserleven forest"

    Every year, 10 billion trees disappear net. The consequences of this for people, animals and the climate are disastrous. That is why Trees for All invests in trees. The new forests are being constructed in Noord-Brabant and Limburg on former agricultural land where now mainly grass grows. Various types of trees have been and are being planted to increase biodiversity and to capture CO2. For every tree that Zwitserleven donates to the forest project in the Netherlands, Trees for All also plants a tree in one of its projects abroad. The 1-2-Tree programme.

    More info

    For more information about this promotion and the Zwitserleven forest, visit: