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    Proteq Levensverzekeringen N.V. merges with SRLEV N.V.

    1 July 2024 | 13:00

    Proteq Levensverzekeringen N.V. (Proteq) has merged with SRLEV N.V. (SRLEV) with effect from 30 June 2024, with which all its rights and obligations have been transferred to SRLEV, the acquiring party.

    This amalgamation simplifies the legal structure of Athora Netherlands; and contributes to more efficient operations, one of the pillars of our strategy. DNB has approved the transfer of Proteq's insurance portfolio to SRLEV as part of the merger.

    The merger does not change the terms under which the life insurance policies were contracted with Proteq. Except for a change in the profit-sharing arrangement of the policies that had profit sharing based on Proteq's investment result. After the transition to SRLEV, the profit-sharing scheme is based on SRLEV's investment result.