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    Athora foundation starts cooperation with NL Cares

    9 September 2022

    Athora Netherlands starts a cooperation with NL Cares through its own volunteer foundation Samen voor Later (Together for Later). This will give the employees of Athora access to the platform of NL Cares, which links supply and demand of volunteer work in an accessible way. It was also agreed that Stichting Samen voor Later and NL Cares will organize a number of social impact events during the year.

    Fun and accessible

    CRO Annemarie Mijer is enthusiastic about the new cooperation. She is ultimately responsible for Athora Netherlands' policy in the field of sustainability and corporate social responsibility: "As a sustainable pension and life insurance company, we find it very important that our employees also make a social contribution. Especially now that we face so many challenges in the Netherlands. Athora Netherlands therefore gives its full support to employees who want to work for others. For example, it has been agreed in our collective bargaining agreement that everyone gets three days a year to do volunteer work. By working together with NL Cares, we hope to make volunteering more accessible for colleagues."

    Caring society

    According to Alle Roodbergen, director of NL Cares, this new cooperation will certainly help to make an impact: "We are extremely happy with the cooperation with Athora Netherlands. Thanks to this collaboration, we can make a difference and build a caring society together with the employees of Athora Netherlands."

    Clean-up with the elderly

    The first activity that the Athora Foundation and NL Cares are organizing together is a clean-up in October. Together with lonely elderly people we will pick up litter in the area around the head office in Amstelveen. In this way we kill two birds with one stone: we make the neighborhood a little prettier and we give the elderly a pleasant morning. CEO Jan de Pooter and CRO Annemarie Mijer from the Athora Board of Directors are also present.