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    Below you will find an overview of all investments of more than €50.000, representing 86% of total investments for own account (per 31-12-2020). 

    Instrument Issuer Value
    Government bonds Deutsche Bundesrepublik Principal Strips 6.332.798.434
    Mortgages and loans Loans to other natural persons (mix) 4.173.358.083
    Government bonds Kingdom of the Netherlands 3.793.534.553
    Mortgages and loans Abn Amro Bank 2.299.978.662
    Mortgages and loans de Volksbank NV 1.666.976.190
    Government bonds Republic of Austria Government Bond 1.149.985.710

    Government bonds

    France Treasury Bill BTF 1.002.563.075
    Government bonds Kingdom of Belgium Government Bond 947.897.683
    Government bonds German Treasury Bill 913.169.715
    Collective Investment Undertakings Institutional Cash Series plc - Institutional Euro 838.406.286
    Government bonds Finland Government Bond 758.029.181
    Government bonds Japan Treasury Discount Bill 711.856.122
    Government bonds European Investment Bank 622.726.239
    Property - 567.127.069
    Government bonds Kreditanstalt fuer Wiederaufbau 509.048.334
    Collective Investment Undertakings Goldman Sachs - PLC - GS Euro Liquid Reserves Fund 438.372.838
    Government bonds European Stability Mechanism 420.462.455
    Government bonds Denmark Treasury Bill 404.107.319
    Collective Investment Undertakings Deutsche Global Liquidity Series PLC - Managed Eur 348.883.250
    Government bonds Dexia Credit Local SA 287.207.590
    Mortgages and loans BNP Paribas SA 255.651.942
    Collective Investment Undertakings Goldman Sachs - PLC - GS US$ Liquid Reserves Fund 246.659.880
    Government bonds European Union 246.276.091
    Mortgages and loans WUH bank 246.122.913
    Mortgages and loans Cooperatieve Rabobank UA 235.574.160
    Cash and equivalents ABN AMRO Bank NV 227.483.734
    Government bonds Council Of Europe Development Bank 212.419.347
    Mortgages and loans Fortress Credit Opportunities VII CLO Limited 203.539.106
    Mortgages and loans ABPC Direct Lending Fund CLO 180.040.517
    Corporate bonds Bank of America Corp 171.572.263
    Corporate bonds Wells Fargo & Co 168.298.869
    Corporate bonds Morgan Stanley 166.723.005
    Corporate bonds UBS Group AG 154.861.407
    Corporate bonds Citigroup Inc 151.389.265
    Corporate bonds Goldman Sachs Group Inc/The 148.489.457
    Corporate bonds Credit Agricole SA 147.338.822
    Corporate bonds JPMorgan Chase & Co 143.916.040
    Corporate bonds BPCE SA 141.595.779
    Corporate bonds BNP Paribas SA 140.920.223
    Mortgages and loans Region Wallonne Belgium 140.061.417
    Collective Investment Undertakings Hayfin Special Opportunities Fund II 139.027.335
    Corporate bonds Allianz SE 137.324.858
    Cash and equivalents LCH.Clearnet Limited 133.697.493
    Government bonds European Financial Stability Facility 133.693.270
    Mortgages and loans Lowland Mortgage Backed Securities 4 B.V. 133.116.068
    Government bonds Finnvera OYJ 127.825.349
    Cash and equivalents BNP Paribas SA 126.161.799
    Government bonds State of Bremen 124.487.968
    Government bonds State of Lower Saxony 124.232.914
    Corporate bonds Sumitomo Mitsui Financial Group Inc 123.800.008
    Government bonds State of Rhineland-Palatinate 123.672.350
    Corporate bonds ING Groep NV 121.426.695
    Corporate bonds Swedbank AB 121.204.132
    Corporate bonds Societe Generale SA 115.629.214
    Government bonds IDB Trust Services Ltd 115.101.248
    Corporate bonds Credit Suisse Group AG 115.047.282
    Government bonds Spain Government Bond 114.407.556
    Corporate bonds Lloyds Banking Group PLC 113.060.344
    Mortgages and loans Stichting PVF Particuliere Hypothekenfonds 109.800.066
    Mortgages and loans Lowland Mortgage Backed Securities 5 B.V. 109.060.498
    Corporate bonds HSBC Holdings PLC 108.095.690
    Collective Investment Undertakings Alliance Bernstein 106.734.315
    Corporate bonds Aviva PLC 106.050.716
    Government bonds Municipality Finance PLC 103.834.058
    Corporate bonds Metropolitan Life Global Funding I 102.073.983
    Government bonds Landwirtschaftliche Rentenbank 101.462.304
    Corporate bonds AXA SA 99.306.632
    Cash and equivalents Cooperatieve Rabobank UA 96.459.156
    Corporate bonds Danske Bank A/S 95.577.838
    Government bonds NRW Bank 93.220.306
    Corporate bonds CNP Assurances 91.789.179
    Corporate bonds Macquarie Group Ltd 90.059.196
    Corporate bonds BP Capital Markets PLC 89.628.325
    Corporate bonds Bayer AG 89.528.842
    Corporate bonds Banque Federative du Credit Mutuel SA 87.875.139
    Collective Investment Undertakings Ares Capital Europe III 87.845.600
    Government bonds OeBB-Infrastruktur AG 86.034.804
    Corporate bonds NN Group NV 85.808.001
    Government bonds Heta Asset Resolution AG 83.957.567
    Corporate bonds Barclays PLC 83.419.105
    Government bonds State of Hesse 82.998.649
    Government bonds Land Baden-Wuerttemberg 82.466.711
    Government bonds State of Saxony-Anhalt 81.827.721
    Corporate bonds Svenska Handelsbanken AB 81.770.033
    Mortgages and loans Turkiye Ihracat Kredi Bankasi A.S. 81.571.900
    Government bonds Land Berlin 81.420.405
    Corporate bonds Commonwealth Bank of Australia 77.655.181
    Government bonds Nordic Investment Bank 76.315.918
    Corporate bonds Royal Bank of Scotland Group PLC 75.694.196
    Mortgages and loans Pearl Mortgage Backed Securities 1 B.V. 74.310.215
    Corporate bonds Banco Santander SA 72.957.430
    Mortgages and loans NIBC Bank NV 70.853.433
    Mortgages and loans Brightwood Fund III Static 2018-1, LLC 70.422.733
    Corporate bonds DNB Bank ASA 68.897.904
    Government bonds German Postal Pensions Securitisation PLC 68.658.745
    Collective Investment Undertakings Angelo Gordon Direct Lending Fund I 68.465.830
    Mortgages and loans HSBC Bank lc 65.142.632
    Government bonds UNEDIC ASSEO 63.114.163
    Government bonds Slovakia Government Bond 62.334.709
    Collective Investment Undertakings Vanguard Investment Series PLC - Eurozone Stock In 62.014.983
    Corporate bonds Mondi Finance PLC 60.516.025
    Corporate bonds KBC Group NV 59.612.694
    Corporate bonds CEZ AS 59.295.485
    Corporate bonds Nationwide Building Society 58.314.936
    Government bonds Gemeinsame Deutsche Bundeslaender 58.206.963
    Corporate bonds Euro-DM Securities Ltd 57.016.884
    Corporate bonds Banco Bilbao Vizcaya Argentaria SA 55.521.401
    Mortgages and loans Stichting de Alliantie 54.952.463
    Mortgages and loans Oakley Capital IV Master SCSp 54.645.915
    Collective Investment Undertakings JPMorgan Liquidity Funds - EUR Liquidity LVNAV Fun 54.462.184
    Corporate bonds Vesteda Finance BV 54.453.169
    Government bonds African Development Bank 53.456.755
    Government bonds State of Schleswig-Holstein Germany 52.715.175
    Mortgages and loans Stichting Weller Wonen 52.556.742
    Corporate bonds Nykredit Realkredit A/S 52.279.542
    Corporate bonds RCI Banque SA 51.741.842
    Mortgages and loans Stirling Square Capital Partners Fourth Fund 50.898.457