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    Athora Netherlands sees challenges in many different areas. In 2019, we discussed these challenges with representatives from our most important stakeholder groups, which has resulted in new challenges for 2020 and beyond.

    Implementation of improved sustainability strategy

    We are currently reviewing our sustainability strategy across the components Socially Responsible Investment, Sustainable Products and Corporate Social Responsibility. We aim to further strengthen our approach through integration and structure, in order to increase our positive impact and further enable transparent communication on the topic. In 2021, we will finalise our new sustainability strategy and approach and make way in terms of implementation.

    Exclusion versus engagement in responsible investing

    While our exclusion policy is a critical part of our socially responsible investment practices, we will continue to increase our engagement on key ESG topics with the aim to generate value for society.

    Responsible products (non-investment)

    As we formulate our underwriting policy, can we also increase our involvement on the non-investment side and engage with customers and potential customers on ESG matters to increase our positive impact?

    Internal Engagement

    Sustainability is an important topic on Athora Netherlands’ agenda and forms an important part of our company’s DNA. How can we improve the awareness and involvement of all our employees in sustainability questions and activities to further increase our positive impact.